The beauty of Mexico.

Beautiful Sayulita Mexico.

0255_untitled_160428untitled (48 of 368)0261_untitled_1604280241_untitled_1604280285_untitled_1604280297_untitled_1604280303_untitled_1604280307_untitled_160428Smiles,innocence, colors, art, expression, wandering beings . These were the sites and feelings in Sayulita life in Mexico

Over 50?

Going through all of my ¬†magazines, catalogs and web site’s today (including my own). I realized there is not a lot¬†for us 50 plus’s. Really? Just because I am 57 doesn’t mean I stop living, loving ¬†having fun, dressing cool … I could go on.

I shop on the Sundance catalog. I love it and have bought numerous items from them. I do realize that all of the models are probably 25 -30. And that’s great but there are more of us 50 something’s out there that could easily show off those wears (men also).

Hmmm. See below :0