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I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 1981 with a major in Criminal Justice and Psychology. While attending RIT, I expanded my interest in photography and spent more time in the photography majors than my fellow criminal justice classmates. I quickly realized that my real passion was in photography.
After graduating, I applied my studies for a number of years as a family counselor and discovered that counseling was something  I did not want to continue to pursue. Instead I gravitated into businesses that brought me much closer to the “photographic experience”. I became a freelance commercial Prop Stylist and had various assignments staging the “sets” for several commercial photographers around New England. I also worked as a merchandiser and stylist for an upscale women’s clothing boutique. Five years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and our daughter started her own college journey. At this point, I had a burning desire to further involve myself into the art of photography. I stopped working and began taking classes at C1M Photography and NH Institute of Art. I became immersed in shooting different subjects concentrating on abstract and street themes. I have been influenced by photographer Chris Orwig and through such readings as ‘The Practice of Contemplative Photography’ by Andy Karr and michael Wood.
My photographs are not preconceived of forced; they are viscerally defined. I photograph what affects me in the special moment – the shots are natural and spontaneous. My deep life experiences help me to see the world more clearly and through my unique perspective.
I currently reside as a quintessential empty nester (spontaneity rules the day!) in New Hampshire with my husband.
Thank you for visiting my site. Keep on shooting and please enjoy!



4 thoughts on “About Deb

  1. Great Blog Debbie! I learned something new about you! Your such a special person! And a wonderful sister! Thank you for sharing your photos with the world! Their all beautiful, like you!

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